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Some Restaurants, Tavernas & Bars in and around Pissouri

Pissouri Village

There are a number of excellent tavernas in the village, some of them are listed below


The Hide Away
As its name implies, it is hidden away just off the village square. Excellent service and some of the best food & variety of food. The whole varied menu is well liked, including the traditional Cypriot dishes, as well as being one of the very best for grilled meat, including steaks. Extremely popular with the resident and visitor alike. Unlike many restaurants and tavernas, it has not changed ownership in recent years, but has just continued to provide excellence, building its reputation from year to year. It also has a sweet menu for those with a sweet tooth. Highly recommended.

The Hideaway Restaurant in Pissouri







Moonlight Tavern
The Moonlight Tavern in Pissouri Marios and Antonious

As its name implies, it has an excellent view of the rising moon at the right time of the month. A traditional taverna menu, very good food and good service - their huge pork chops are excellent and the best in Pissouri. Run by Marios, for his day job he is a goat farmer, and Antonious. In the winter eat inside, in the summer outside under the moon and the stars. To find it, walk out of the village square, past the Hideaway and the two pubs, carry straight on, onto the road, turn right, and it is on your right. One not to miss.

The Two Friends


The restaurant is very good - one of the best in the village. The author of this site eats there frequently when in Cyprus. It is excellent and very popular. The menu is well balanced for all tastes, and the service was perfection. Highly recommended.

Marvellous views across the countryside towards the east and in the evening for the few days after a full moon, watch the moon rise as you eat.


Bunch of Grapes
Entrance to the Bunch of Grapes in Pissouri The Bunch of Grapes in Pissouri
Owned and run by the family, the Bunch of Grapes was what made Pissouri famous. It has now achieved its ambition and it is now even better than ever. It is probably the very best patio/courtyard restaurant in Cyprus. Its situation has always been heavenly perfection, exactly what it is imagined Cyprus should be, but now the food and service are second to none too. The steaks are really exceptionally good. A visit to the Bunch of Grapes has become a must for all visitors to Pissouri, but please do not tell anyone about its excellence - it may get too popular: already booking is necessary for Saturday evenings and Sunday lunchtimes.


Hill View

An excellent restaurant, rather than a taverna, right at the very top of the village. A high quality restaurant and the place to go for a relaxed evening when quality and not time is not important. The best view in the village. Extensive restaurant menu. Booking is advised. The menus can be seen on this page:

A high class restaurant, with food & service to match.


Flamingo Bar

At the lower end of the village square, a place for a relaxing drink watching all the activity in the square. A excellent place to eat a pancake bought from Tony's while having a drink. Comfortable chairs and settees, which are sheltered when windy. Very good value, highly recommended.


The O' Vraka

ne of 2 tavernas in the village square. Food & customer service is marvellous - although the menu is excellent & extensive they will always tweak it to meet individual tastes. You can be guaranteed the best food & service - the place to visit to experience the Square. Owners and staff are very friendly. Highly recommended.


Tony's Kebab & Pancake Take-Away

At the top of the village square, offering a huge variety of take away kebabs. He also makes pancakes and crepes, cooked while you wait. Buy one and take it to one of the bars to eat it with a drink.

Andreas' Creperie

A wooden sales outlet in the village square, offering a variety of pancakes and crepes, quick service as the pancakes are pre-cooked. Again you can buy one and take it to one of the bars and eat it with a drink.

Olympus Palace

A restaurant, not a taverna. Ideal for that special night out. Pleasant decor, varied and imaginative menu, prices a little higher than average elsewhere, but still very reasonable for a quality restaurant.

Swimming pool restaurant, marvellous view. Frequented by many English families for the use of the pool. Good food, and an English, rather than a Cypriot, atmosphere.

Sparti Pub
Leon and Georgina in the Sparti pub in Pissouri The Sparti pub in Pissouri

A traditional pub. Go out of the square past the Vraka. In the summer the street outside is full of tables. Excellent friendly service. Buy a pizza or crepe from the takeaway further along the street, or a kebab from the square, and eat it with your drink. No one minds if you buy food elsewhere and eat it with your food. That is Cyprus, Pissouri in particular. Closes when all the customers go home, however late. Shown above are Leon and Georgina, the owners, at work.



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