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Pissouri has been described as "The Edge of Heaven"

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Pissouri, Cyprus

View of Pissouri village down to the seaAt one time Pissouri village, on the hill, had a fishing jetty a few kilometres away down the hill, known as Pissouri jetty. Now they are two distinct communities, Pissouri village and Pissouri Beach. The total population in the summer is said to reach around 1100 people, about half of whom are Cypriots, the rest foreign, mainly British, residents and visitors.

Some of the guide books about Cyprus devote a sentence to Pissouri, some even devote a paragraph to the village and its small beach resort. None of them do justice to the unique character and attractiveness of Pissouri to the visitor and holiday maker. the Cypriot character has been retained, it is still very much a working village of farmers, some of whom have now become involved in farming tourists with varying degrees of success. Its very Cypriot character is what attracts the visitor, holiday maker and expatriate residents. Fortunately this is recognised by many of those in the village. From time to time fears are expressed that too rapid development will see another Agia Napa spring up from the vineyards of Pissouri and be built here - but this will not happen - at least for many decades. The character of the beach resort and the village is assured.

The motorway has brought Pissouri closer to the larger cities and resorts of Limassol and Paphos, but the distinctiveness of the area is likely to be retained.

The Pissouri area is famous for growing grapes, mainly in the valley between the main roads and the sea that leads to Pissouri Beach.

Pissouri is about a 30 minute drive away from either Paphos (Pafos) or Limassol (Lemesos) for those who want to see more urban life than Pissouri can offer.

With the kind permission of the Pissouri Residents Association, you can now find a diary of events in Pissouri.

Rock of Aphrodite, or Petra Tou Romiou

Located just a few kilometres to the west of Pissouri is the famous Aphrodite's Rock, seen here at sunset.


Pissouri Village

A street in Pissouri

Some non Cypriots try to describe Pissouri as somewhere where time has stood still. That is not true. At the turn of the century Pissouri Village has managed something which is fairly rare, perhaps almost unique, in those parts of the Mediterranean which attract western European tourists. It has managed to retain its traditional Cypriot character, while adapting very successfully to welcome visitors, and the money that they bring, to the village. There has been a limited amount of, mostly, well judged development in and around the village. Visitors can find almost anything they want in Pissouri - there are several shops and just every need is available. As far as tavernas, restaurants and bars are concerned, there is an amazing number and variety - and they are all good, serving food and drink of exceptional quality. There are also two banks in Pissouri village square.

Pissouri Square

During the summer there is a so called 'Cyprus night' in the lovely traffic free village square, with dancing and music. Although the idea is perhaps that it provides entertainment for the visitors to Pissouri, it is also true that a significant number of those present every week are the villagers themselves, thus it really is a true Cyprus night.

Cyprus Night in the Square every Wednesday in the summer. Jane Early from Australia gets ready to add another glass.

The views from Pissouri village and its surroundings are spectacular. It is set on the eastern slopes of the ridge reaching the sea at Cape Aspro, about 500 feet high on average - the highest point on the ridge is about 800 feet. To the East it is possible to see the countryside and the shore line all the way to Limassol and even beyond, and to the north the whole of the Troodos range, including Mount Olympus, at more than 6000 ft, the highest mountain on the island.

Hungarian dancers at the Pissouri Amphitheatre, July 2004

At the beginning of Shakespeare's "As You Like It", the dancers perform for the lawful duke, as the last rays of the sun disappear from the tops of the hills towards Limassol.

On 12/13 August 2000, the new amphitheatre was opened in Pissouri village. A booklet on Pissouri was published for the occasion, and its information on the church of Saint Andrew, and on vine growing in the Pissouri area is now available.


troodos.jpg (48281 bytes)
A view of some of Pissouri village and the Troodos mountains


Pissouri Beach

The beach area has developed since the beginning of the 1980s from a jetty and one small taverna, into what it is today - an informal collection of excellent tavernas, a few shops, two banks, some apartments and one hotel. It is not an overdeveloped resort, as similar areas on Cyprus have become during the same two decades, but like Pissouri village, it has retained a Cypriot atmosphere. It is here that many Cypriots come on Sundays. The beach itself is clean, safe, partly sandy and partly shingle, and there are some water sports available in the summer. Neither is it dead in the winter, it is just as enjoyable to have lunch on New Year's Day looking out over the sea as it is on 15 August - a Cypriot holiday in the summer - and there are just as many people eating in some of the best tavernas at New Year as in the summer.

panPissouri.jpg (86283 bytes)
Pissouri Bay – many excellent tavernas and a good beach, only 3 miles from the village.

beach1.jpg (38600 bytes)

rock800.jpg (26144 bytes)
Aphrodite's Rock, about 3 miles to the west of Pissouri


Pissouri's secret beach

A picture of Pissouri's secret beach. Click the picture for more photos of a walk to this beach.

Pissouri in 1959

With thanks to Raymond Thomas, three photos from Pissouri in 1959.

1959-1.jpg (95956 bytes)

1959-2.jpg (77141 bytes)

1959-3.jpg (58544 bytes)
One of the young lads here is Athos, now owner of the Vine Leaf Tavern.



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