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An archive of previous pictures of Cyprus

Map of Paphos Forest (October 2009)

Kyrenia & Belapais (20 October 2009)


St Hilarion Castle (20 October 2009)

Photos from a visit to St Hilarion Castle in October 2009

Paramali Beach (19 February 2009)

Photos from a visit to Paramali beach

Baths of Aphrodite walk (13 November 2008)

Photos from a walk from the Baths of Aphrodite to Fontana Ambrosa in Akamas

Pissouri walk (12 November 2008)

Photos from a walk from Pissouri Beach along the headland towards Cape Aspro

Aphrodite's Rock (11 November 2008)

Sunset at Aphrodite's Rock

Cyprus, July 2008

Photos from a week in Cyprus

Silikou village (18 August 2007)

Photos from the village of Silikou

Curium (Kourion) (10 October 2006)

The amphitheatre and ruins at the ancient city of Kourion, also known as Curium (its Latin name)

Laneia Village (7 October 2006)

Laneia Village, home of the artists

Pissouri Amphitheatre (6 October 2006)

Royal Engineers Band plays at Pissouri Amphitheatre under a full moon

Bellapais Abbey (5 October 2006)

A visit to the twelfth-century monastery of Bellapais Abbey, located near the north coast of Cyprus, to the south-east of Kyrenia (Girne).

17 August 2006

Turtle nests and turtle tracks on Akamas Peninsular

12 August 2006

Pictures of Vouni Palace ruins and the surrounding area, taken on a trip to the north of Cyprus

10 August 2006

Pictures taken from the road from Lorphou to Pera Pedi. The village accross the valley is Koilani.

22 and 24 May 2006

Villages of Lorphou and Zigi

26 November 2005

A visit to Neo Chorio and the Baths of Aphrodite

12 February 2005

Episkopi villa in Paphos district, and lunch at Paphos harbour

8 February 2005

The sea from the taverna at Melanda Beach, and the view across Akrotiri Bay

7 February 2005

Storm on the way: Aphrodite's Rock, Paphos harbour and Coral Bay. Boats in St George's harbour, Geronisos island, and Akoursos village

6 February 2005

Mount Olympus from Pissouri village, and from Pachna

15 October 2004

A trip into the mountains, with visits to Pelendri, Potamitissa, Dymes and Amiantos

2 August 2004

A visit to the extreme north-eastern tip of Cyprus

27 July 2004

Dancing in Pissouri Amphitheatre by Hungarian Dancers

20 July 2004

Flowers in the garden of villa Kambos

20 February 2004

Cyprus in winter - Aphrodite's rock, trees in blossom, the Troodos Mountains

19 February 2004

Pictures of hidden beaches between Melanda Beach and Pissouri Beach

31 August 2003

Photos from more villages of Cyprus - Pachna, Malia, Arsos, and Ayios Nichalaos

26 August 2003

Photos from Paphos Forest - Dora, Gerovasa, Kaminaria, Treis Elies, and Pedoulas

20 August 2003

Pictures of a drive in Cedar Valley of the Paphos Forest

30 June 2003

Photos of a drive in the mountains, taking in Koilneia, Vresta, Gefyri Roudia, Pera Vasa and Kelafos

26 June 2003

Pictures from the village of Photos of Limnatis and from Kouris Dam

25 June 2003

Photos from the Cyprus village of Lania

11 May 2003

Pictures from the Cypriot village of Koilani, including street scenes, the icon museum, the vine museum, the old police station and stables.

10 May 2003

Photos from the Cyprus village of Vouni, and a mountain stream near Agia Mavri.

16 February 2003

20030216a.jpg (138556 bytes) 20030216b.jpg (119204 bytes) 20030216c.jpg (96789 bytes) 20030216d.jpg (86267 bytes) 20030216e.jpg (130398 bytes)
Sunday lunch at Pepis' Taverna, a visit to Sotira, and views of the Troodos Mountains

8-10 February 2003

p1001848.jpg (105662 bytes) p1001849.jpg (96940 bytes) p1001851.jpg (102594 bytes) p1001853.jpg (44068 bytes) p1001856.jpg (86205 bytes) p1001858.jpg (83426 bytes) p1001862.jpg (97466 bytes) p1001861.jpg (67419 bytes)
A visit to the Temple of Apollo, and views of Pissouri Beach

Friday 7 February 2003

p1001842.jpg (93479 bytes) p1001843.jpg (159521 bytes) p1001844.jpg (124565 bytes) p1001845.jpg (182196 bytes) p1001846.jpg (130310 bytes) p1001847.jpg (103951 bytes)
Rough seas at Aphrodite's Rock, and a visit to the Sanctuary of Aphrodite

New Year 2003

img_2182.jpg (64126 bytes) img_2210.jpg (79132 bytes) p1001810.jpg (122972 bytes) p1001811.jpg (92318 bytes) p1001812.jpg (128443 bytes)
Pictures of the changing moods of Cyprus at New Year

Saturday 7 September 2002

200209a.jpg (101272 bytes) 200209b.jpg (170561 bytes) 200209c.jpg (98063 bytes) 200209d.jpg (77497 bytes) 200209e.jpg (117063 bytes) 200209f.jpg (112497 bytes) 200209g.jpg (71062 bytes) 200209h.jpg (42660 bytes) 200209i.jpg (62674 bytes) 200209j.jpg (71644 bytes) 200209k.jpg (101629 bytes) 200209l.jpg (41742 bytes)
Pictures from Monolithos Winery, near Packna, run by Miriam & Pambos, and a few other photos.

Thursday 4 July 2002

20020704a.jpg (59853 bytes) 20020704b.jpg (81035 bytes) 20020704c.jpg (83395 bytes) 20020705a.jpg (95905 bytes)
Three pictures from the peace of the marvellous Last Castle restaurant - as featured on this site. These photos, together with many in the photo archive, show how much of Cyprus remains unspoilt.

Wednesday 3 July 2002

20020703a.jpg (86359 bytes) 20020703b.jpg (101042 bytes) 20020703c.jpg (96302 bytes) 20020703d.jpg (77817 bytes) 20020703e.jpg (48629 bytes) 20020703f.jpg (61936 bytes) 20020703g.jpg (59571 bytes)
A trip from Kelefos Bridge to Mylikouri on an unmade road through a beautiful river valley, through pine forests. Also the vineyard at Packna, where a well known wines, red and white are produced, and some very old olives trees between Prastio and Anoyra.

Sunday 30 June 2002

20020630a.jpg (40405 bytes) 20020630b.jpg (84384 bytes) 20020630c.jpg (78686 bytes) 20020630d.jpg (92603 bytes) 20020630e.jpg (79462 bytes)
The reservoir formed by damming the Diarizos River, Elaia and Kelefos Bridges, and Kaminaria village

Friday 10 May 2002

p1001394.jpg (82596 bytes) p1001391.jpg (42282 bytes) p1001392.jpg (54752 bytes) p1001393.jpg (29345 bytes) p1001401.jpg (55119 bytes) p1001402.jpg (51792 bytes) p1001404.jpg (52660 bytes) panPissouri.jpg (86283 bytes)
A visit to the old Pissouri Aqueduct,  the village of Anoyra, and a panoramic photo of Pissouri Bay up to the village.

Sunday 9 May 2002

p1001373.jpg (41373 bytes) p1001376.jpg (39640 bytes) p1001377.jpg (43477 bytes) p1001379.jpg (68366 bytes) p1001380.jpg (70038 bytes) p1001382.jpg (52916 bytes) p1001385.jpg (64515 bytes) p1001387.jpg (49263 bytes) p1001389.jpg (67479 bytes)
Pissouri, Pachna, Omodos, Vasa and Arsos

Sunday 5 May 2002

sqeaster1.jpg (121372 bytes) sqeaster2.jpg (131311 bytes)
Dancing in Pissouri Square on Greek Easter Sunday

Sunday 28 April 2002

p1001267.jpg (94700 bytes) p1001269.jpg (83559 bytes) p1001277.jpg (137675 bytes) p1001279.jpg (103017 bytes) p1001282.jpg (136705 bytes) p1001283.jpg (125071 bytes) p1001284.jpg (106207 bytes) p1001285.jpg (150108 bytes) p1001286.jpg (151781 bytes) p1001287.jpg (87601 bytes) p1001288.jpg (121496 bytes) p1001289.jpg (92836 bytes) p1001291.jpg (87777 bytes) p1001293.jpg (54568 bytes)
A tour with a couple of photos at Pissouri Bay, then on to Pachna, Omodos, back to Pissouri, then Kouklia, and finally Tiki, near Larnaca.

Tuesday 12 March 2002

dcp_1231.jpg (52291 bytes) dcp_1232.jpg (63210 bytes) dcp_1233.jpg (52370 bytes) dcp_1234.jpg (57360 bytes)
The Larnaca fishing shelter

Saturday 9 March 2002

dcp_1196.jpg (110315 bytes) dcp_1198.jpg (120590 bytes) dcp_1199.jpg (89913 bytes) dcp_1189.jpg (89633 bytes) dcp_1193.jpg (80997 bytes)
Kykko Monastery and tomb of Archbishop Makarios III

Friday 8 March 2002

dcp_1182.jpg (138017 bytes) dcp_1183.jpg (95197 bytes) dcp_1184.jpg (63946 bytes) dcp_1185.jpg (92922 bytes)
Under cloudless skies with no wind and temperatures in the mid-20s, a visit to St George's Bay, a delightful hamlet to the west of Paphos.

Monday 31 December 2001

dcp_1100.jpg (43382 bytes) dcp_1101.jpg (55488 bytes) dcp_1102.jpg (88715 bytes) dcp_1103.jpg (78787 bytes) dcp_1104.jpg (48215 bytes) dcp_1106.jpg (61873 bytes) dcp_1107.jpg (30447 bytes)
A New Year's Eve tour under blue skies with the temperature around 20C. Beginning at Aphrodite's Rock, then to Lara Bay, the Lara Restaurant, a view of anenomies flowering by the roadside near Lara, a view of Paphos from near Peyia, Polis Bay from Lachi, Lachi harbour with people sitting outside, and finally the sun setting over Aphrodite's Rock on 2001.

Tuesday 27 November 2001

dcp_1015.jpg (173027 bytes) dcp_1016.jpg (108208 bytes) dcp_1017.jpg (111295 bytes) dcp_1019.jpg (92581 bytes) dcp_1021.jpg (114957 bytes)
A visit to Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery and Panayia, birthplace of Makarios III.

Wednesday 22 August 2001

dcp_0914.jpg (55260 bytes) dcp_0915.jpg (82087 bytes) dcp_0916.jpg (67519 bytes) dcp_0918.jpg (31168 bytes)
A visit to "Viklari", or "The Last Castle", a remote restaurant near Paphos.

Tuesday 21 August 2001

dcp_0904.jpg (36472 bytes) dcp_0906x.jpg (51271 bytes)
The Rock of Aphrodite and the view to the sea from Pissouri village

Saturday 18 August 2001

dcp_0893.jpg (51809 bytes) dcp_0895.jpg (88694 bytes) dcp_0896.jpg (37715 bytes)
Kolosi Castle, and preparations for the festival in Pissouri Square

Thursday 16 August 2001

dcp_0887.jpg (51559 bytes) dcp_0888.jpg (39880 bytes) dcp_0889.jpg (59716 bytes)
The Church of the Five Domes at Geroskipou, the village famous for making and selling Cyprus Delights (formerly Turkish Delights).

Tuesday 14 August 2001

dcp_0873.jpg (66727 bytes) dcp_0879.jpg (70937 bytes) dcp_0880.jpg (73957 bytes) dcp_0881.jpg (83466 bytes) dcp_0882.jpg (46412 bytes) dcp_0883.jpg (78265 bytes) dcp_0884.jpg (64062 bytes) dcp_0885.jpg (78532 bytes) dcp_0886.jpg (87190 bytes)
A day trip from Pissouri to the mountains.

Thursday 9 August 2001

dcp_0826.jpg (36541 bytes) dcp_0829.jpg (75932 bytes) dcp_0831.jpg (89841 bytes)
Aphrodite's rock, Pissouri village, and St Andrew's church

Sunday 5 August 2001

dcp_0814.jpg (52405 bytes) dcp_0813.jpg (44466 bytes)
The oldest taverna at Pissouri Beach.

Saturday 4 August 2001

dcp_0815.jpg (8390 bytes) dcp_0817.jpg (15372 bytes) dcp_0818.jpg (14283 bytes) dcp_0819.jpg (40694 bytes)
Pissouri's first 'Milk Festival' - scenes from the Square and the mock wedding performed to a Square more than full of people.

Friday 3 August 2001

dcp_0800.jpg (14048 bytes) dcp_0801.jpg (36066 bytes) dcp_0803.jpg (23089 bytes) dcp_0805.jpg (16999 bytes) dcp_0806.jpg (17161 bytes) dcp_0808.jpg (18453 bytes) dcp_0809.jpg (38825 bytes) dcp_0812.jpg (38282 bytes)
Cyprus night at the Vine Leaf Tavern

Thursday 2 August 2001

mos1.jpg (62811 bytes) mos2.jpg (75184 bytes) mos3.jpg (68193 bytes) mos4.jpg (60646 bytes) mos5.jpg (54313 bytes)
Mosaics in the House of Dionysos at Paphos.

Monday 30 July 2001

dcp_0764.jpg (62258 bytes)
The top end of Pissouri village, in some summer heat haze. Kambos' swimming pool temperature reached 30C today.

Sunday 29 July 2001

dcp_0761.jpg (97109 bytes) dcp_0762.jpg (67108 bytes) dcp_0763.jpg (53303 bytes)
Pissouri beach. A Mediterranean beach where it is not necessary to reserve your place with towels.

Saturday 28 July 2001

dcp_0755.jpg (60267 bytes)
Pissouri's newest cafe - the Red Rose cafe, owned and run by Mike & Thekla Christori, who have returned to Pissouri after 20 years in Canada.

Friday 27 July 2001

dcp_0743.jpg (66841 bytes) dcp_0748.jpg (73406 bytes)
The Hideaway, and the Sparti Pub.

Thursday 26 July 2001

dcp_0737.jpg (65450 bytes) dcp_0741.jpg (64110 bytes) dcp_0742.jpg (49056 bytes) dcp_0740.jpg (56866 bytes)
The Melanda Beach restaurant at lunchtime today. Sea warm, food excellent, beaches totally uncrowded and welcoming.

Wednesday 25 July 2001

dcp_0732.jpg (78619 bytes) dcp_0735.jpg (47638 bytes)
Kambos pool. Temp of water 27C, and Cyprus Night in Pissouri village square

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