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Cyprus Photos

July 2008

Photos from a week in Cyprus, July 2008...

Kelefos Bridge, a Venetian bridge in the Troodos Mountains - with no water underneath it for the first time in at least ten years.

On the road from Pera Vasa to Milikouri in the Troodos Mountains

The Paphos Forest

Kykkos Monastery...

...where paintings and mosaics line the walls

Melanda Beach, a few kilometres east of Pissouri. A quiet Mediterranean beach in July at lunchtime. The swimming here is delightful

The amphitheatre at the ancient city of Kourion

Mosaic at Kourion with the sea beyond

More Roman mosaics at Paphos, depicting Thisbe and Pyramos from Greek mythology the House of Dionysos in Kato Paphos

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