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Sunday 28 April 2002

A couple of photos at Pissouri Bay...

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P1001269.jpg (83559 bytes)

And then on to Pachna:

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P1001279.jpg (103017 bytes)

P1001282.jpg (136705 bytes)

P1001283.jpg (125071 bytes)

P1001284.jpg (106207 bytes)

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Then to Omodos:

P1001286.jpg (151781 bytes)

P1001287.jpg (87601 bytes)

P1001288.jpg (121496 bytes)

P1001289.jpg (92836 bytes)
Near Pissouri

P1001291.jpg (87777 bytes)

P1001293.jpg (54568 bytes)
Tiki, near Larnaca

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