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Saturday 9 March 2002

Weather still excellent, warm enough for shirtsleeves at almost 6000 feet.

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Kykko Monastery (in full, the Holy Royal and Stavropiyiaki Monastery of the Virgin Mary) in the Troodos mountains

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Mosaic in a cloister of the Monastery. 

Tradition has it that Byzantine Emperor Alexios Comnenos I (1081-1118) was prompted to establish the monastery in 1100 after the hermit Isaiah, who lived in the Troodos mountains, revealed that his daughter could be healed from a rare incurable disease if he would consent to build a monastery and donate to it the icon of the Virgin he possessed, reputedly painted by the Apostle Luke.

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The tomb of Archbishop Makarios III. Makarios was Orthodox archbishop of Cyprus and the first President of Cyprus. Makarios, the son of a shepherd, was born 13 August 1913. Thrice elected president, he survived four assassination attempts, temporary deposition by a coup in 1974, and Turkish invasion. He died in Nicosia, on 3August 1977. Makarios served as a novice at Kykko. At his own wish, he was buried at Throni, 3 km west of the Monastery, not far from his native village of Panayia,

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The remains of winter snow in the Troodos mountains.

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An unconventional oven!

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