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Pissouri has been described as "The Edge of Heaven"

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Public Holidays in Cyprus


  2022 2023
New Year's Day 1 January 1 January
Epiphany 6 January 6 January
Green Monday (Monday of Lent)  7 March  27 February
Greek Independence Day 25 March 25 March
Greek Cypriot National Day 1 April 1 April
Good Friday 22 April 14 April
Holy Saturday 23 April 15 April
Easter Sunday* 24 April 16 April
Easter Monday 25 April 17 April
May Day / Labour Day 1 May 1 May
Whit Monday / Pentecost / Kataklysmos 13 June 5 June
Assumption Day 15 August 15 August
Cyprus' Independence Day 1 October 1 October
Greek National Day (Ochi Day) 28 October 28 October
Christmas Eve 24 December 24 December
Christmas Day 25 December 25 December
Boxing Day 26 December 26 December

* This is the date of the Orthodox Easter as celebrated in Cyprus. The date of Easter in the Western calendar as celebrated in the UK is usually different (Easter Sunday 17 April in 2022; 9 April in 2023; 31 March in 2024) - the next time Western & Orthodox Easters coincide will be in 2025, when Easter Sunday will be on 20 April.


One of the benefits of being a Mediterranean island is plentiful sunshine throughout the year, and Cyprus is no exception. Summer stretches from mid-May to mid-October and means high temperatures, normally cloudless skies and cooling breezes from the sea. Even in the height of summer when it's 32C at the beach (and warmer inland), temperatures are refreshingly cooler in the Troodos, making the mountains ideal for hiking or simply relaxing.

December to February are the winter months, bringing the possibility of rain, but still an average of six hours of bright sunshine a day. At this time of year smaller Mediterranean destinations shut down for the season, but not so Cyprus. The many important heritage sites and museums are all at their least crowded in winter. Into early February there is occasional rain, and often snow in the Troodos mountains - ideal for skiing!

The first orchids bloom in January, and by mid-February the countryside is alive with fresh green meadows and almond trees in bloom. March days can still be cool (daytime temperatures around 18C) but steadily moderate. Early spring is a wonderful time to visit to Cyprus, with pleasant daytime temperatures and many of the ancient ruins framed by a carpet of red anemones and other wildflowers. If in summer Cyprus is the place to bask in the sun, then spring is the time to savour the natural beauty of the island in bloom.


  Max. temp. in C Min. temp in C Mean sunshine (hours) Sea temp. in C Humidity Rain days
January 16 8 5 17 70 9
February 17 8 6 17 69 7
March 18 9 7 18 65 5
April 22 12 9 20 67 3
May 26 16 10 21 68 3
June 30 18 12 24 64 1
July 32 21 12 26 60 1
August 33 22 12 27 61 1
September 31 20 11 26 59 1
October 27 16 9 24 64 3
November 22 13 6 21 68 4
December 18 9 6 19 70 8
Source: CTO

Satellite picture

Weather Forecasts

(Paphos is about 25 miles east of Pissouri, with similar weather to Pissouri; Akrotiri is closer to Pissouri than Paphos or Limassol, near the southern-most point of Cyprus, but tends to be the coolest coastal part of Cyprus, and temperatures are likely to be slightly higher than Akrotiri in Pissouri.)

Car Hire & Flights to Cyprus

For many of the villas and apartments for rent on this site, a car is almost essential, and for others it will enable you to get the most out of your visit to Pissouri.

You can either hire a car at the airport, and drive to the villa, or get a taxi from the airport and hire a car in Pissouri village on arrival.

When staying at Pissouri, Paphos airport is the most convenient airport, being only about a 30 minute drive away, Larnaca airport is about a 75 minute drive away from Pissouri.

There are flights to Cyprus from many UK airports. Easyjet, Ryanair, Thomson, & Thomas Cook fly from several airports. BA fly from Heathrow to Larnaca & from Gatwick to Paphos; and there are other charter airlines flying to Cyprus.

Many people were put off Ryanair in the past by its reputation for poor customer service, but the site owners used Ryanair from Stansted to Paphos in 2015 - and thought the service almost matched that of Easyjet; and we have booked several Ryanair flights to Paphos in 2016.



Map of Cyprus and Pissouri area

The south-west coast of Cyprus from Paphos to Limassol, with Pissouri central. Taken from one of the best, if not the best, maps of Cyprus available - From Kyriakou Travelmaps(R) - now fully updated, available throughout Cyprus



The currency in Cyprus is the euro, with 100 cents making a euro. Cyprus joined the euro on 1 January 2008, until then the currency was the Cyprus Pound. The events of March 2013, when the Cyprus banking system was destroyed becuase the EU Euro Group refused to help Cyprus' banks overcome their losses caused by the EU bailout of Greece, and instead forced bank depositors to suffer those loses, has made many Cypriots wish they had kept their own currency.

Cyprus euro coins

Countries in the Euro all have their own coins, Cyprus' are:

1 cent 2 cents 5 cents
The Mouflon (a wild species of sheep) representing Cyprus's nature and wildlife

10 cents

20 cents

50 cents
A Kyrenia ship from the 4th Century B.C., representing Cyprus's history and its character as an island as well as its importance in trade.

1 euro

2 euros

The Idol of Pomos, a cross-shaped idol from around 3000BC found in the village of Pomos near Paphos, representing Cypruss antiquity, culture and civilization.


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