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Pissouri Church

St Andrew's Church, PissouriThe Saint Andrew church of Pissouri dominates the central village square.

It is a single nave church built of stone with semi-circular holy altar and many western European characteristics like the Gothic arches in its openings.

Its building must have started well before 1877. According to a marble plate embedded in a wall, the master mason Hadji Pavlis who was supervising its building, fell off the top of the belfry on 31st September 1877 and was killed. Tradition has it that he is buried where he fell.

(Taken from the booklet published in Greek in Pissouri in the summer of 2000 for the opening of the Pissouri amphitheatre on 12/13 August 2000.)

See also the section from this booklet on vine growing in Pissouri.

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